Dui Information

All DUI charges are serious criminal allegations that carry harsh penalties, fines, and other consequences that can negatively impact your life for many years. You will need an attorney that can protect your rights; make sure you are treated fairly; understands the system; studies the law; knows the science; and will fight to get you the best possible results. I am that Attorney

A criminal conviction can negatively impact your ability to keep your current job, find a new job, be accepted at schools, as well as trouble with insurance rates, and many other ways. I can help you through this challenging process. There are many ways to challenge the State in a DUI case. We will discuss your options and I will raise all possible challenges that might result in a better outcome for you.

For all my DUI cases, I charge a flat fee, not an hourly rate. When you meet with me there is no charge for the consultation. We will take as long as you need as we go over all the aspects of your case, all of the possible consequences, and all of the techniques we can use in your case to get you the best result available.

To arrange for your consultation call me at my office. You can talk with someone in the office to arrange a meeting or you can leave a message 24 hours a day. Someone will call you back within 24 hours. In person consultations are preferred. However, I understand that it may be difficult for you to get to my office in the time that we need to speak. We offer phone consultations as well for those that cannot make it to the office. We will work with you to make that consultation as easy on you as possible (schedule permitting Brent will travel to you where necessary) while still gathering all of the information that we need to perform at the highest level on your case.