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At The Kleinman Law Firm, our clients come first. The Kleinman Law Firm is dedicated to providing our clients complete representation for all their legal needs. We are also aware that in today’s legal society sometimes staying out of court can be the best solution. This is why we emphasize our ADR services along […]

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Estate Planning: My Small Way of Helping

This week I realized something that I had let slip out of my mind. I truly enjoy Estate Planning and this is just one of the services offered at the Kleinman Law Firm. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t the drafting of the documents that I forgot I enjoyed but rather the look of […]

One Juror Excused from Jodi Arias trial

This morning Judge Stephens excused Juror #5 from the Jodi Arias death penalty trial. This began as a result of a news piece that ran on the local NBC channel, 12 News. Lissette Martinez ran a story about the popularity of Juan Martinez among many trial watchers.

The defense attorneys filed a motion for a […]

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Jodi Arias Trial

Over the past month or so I have been watching the Jodi Arias trial and tweeting often about the Prosecutor and the Defense attorneys. Jodi has been charged with the murder of Travis Alexander and is possibly facing the Death Penalty if convicted. Right now the defense is presenting its direct examination of Jodi […]

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Mediation Services

Our mission is to help businesses, insurers, public organizations, lawyers, and individuals resolve disputes promptly and cost-effectively without the expense and commitment of time associated with litigation. We use mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution techniques to resolve conflict.  Unlike litigation, mediation allows parties to meet with a neutral mediator, talk out their differences […]

Article from the January Scottsdale Airpark News

Is your company considering bringing on interns this summer? If so, this article is a must read as it goes over all the rules that you must follow if you want to have an unpaid intern at your office.

Scottsdale Airpark News

The Holiday Season

The Kleinman Law Firm wants to wish each and every one of you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. Enjoy your family, the office parties and the celebrations but please be careful and always remember to have a designated driver or hire a driver. This is a time of the year when the […]

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What Happens when Social Media and Non-Solicitation Clauses Cross

Non-compete clauses are a growing trend for small business owners that invest so much time and money in training new employees. It is very difficult to recoup that lost time and money when a employee of yours leaves for another job in the same industry in the same city. Large corporations also like to […]

Social Media and Juries

Social media and online research may be the two of the newest headaches that lawyers and the courts have to face with jury trials. Lawyers spend many hours before a jury is ever selected determining what evidence may be presented and how to share the information with the jury so they can make the […]

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Blog Post from

You’re frustrated with your current job situation and believe you have the next great business idea. How do you take that idea and turn it into an income? Contact Brent at eh Kleinman Law Firm and he will walk you through the steps to set you up to succeed. Read the blog below to […]

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